Alot of Italians and Italian-Americans use this.
It is a word you use to describe a female. Used alot durring the 1930's - 1950's. Now it is not as popular because most guys aren't respectable anymore. There are some guys who still use the term today.
John: Hey you see that broad over there?
Tommy: Yeah thats one good looking broad.
by djsjsrnso August 25, 2006
Broad is primarily used by Italian Americans in Philly, South Jersey, North Jersey, and New York City--NOT Baltimore per previous definition. It simply is a derogatory meaning for female i.e bitch, woman, lady, trick, chick, hoe.
"Yo this dumb broad wont stop blowin up my phone, I wouldnt fuck her wit a hoagie let alone my dick, yaah diiiggg?!"

"Yo check that broad over there- Damn that bitch is fine!"
by xoxo Jay Jay xoxo July 23, 2008
bitch, woman, girl, female
yo shit, see that tight broad
by gangstarr May 21, 2003
A woman who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind.
That broad tells it like it is.
by pagebird December 24, 2013
A female. A girl. A person of the female species.
Jus: lil shodi lookin good and i'm thinkin bout gettin at her.
Chris: Den go do ya thing boy. Go get that broad.
by Jus2Quicke January 05, 2006
Baltimore definiton of a girl, female
Females usually don't liked to be called that unless their a hoe
Man I went over this broads house last night and lemme tell you boah that head was bangin!
by Kinky November 28, 2003
Being so V-shaped, that you put the letter V to shame and it had retire from the alphabet.

Your shoulders are too far apart to fit in a standard size door frame, so you have to enter a room side on.
Man: Hi I'm Charlie and I'm really broad. I resemble an hour glass.
by Bantertron April 15, 2011
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