Broad is primarily used by Italian Americans in Philly, South Jersey, North Jersey, and New York City--NOT Baltimore per previous definition. It simply is a derogatory meaning for female i.e bitch, woman, lady, trick, chick, hoe.
"Yo this dumb broad wont stop blowin up my phone, I wouldnt fuck her wit a hoagie let alone my dick, yaah diiiggg?!"

"Yo check that broad over there- Damn that bitch is fine!"
by xoxo Jay Jay xoxo July 23, 2008
a peice of meat with a hole in it. meat with a hole
"That broad looks well done"
by kevin Majone December 03, 2007
A person who has the ability to have multiple women fall in love with you despite the fact that you are completely odd.
Girl 1 "zoe i think i'm in love with that guy"
Girl 2 "urgh but hes so odd he must be a broad!"
by Gainis May 02, 2010
A girl who like's sex and sex for money. She would cheat on her boyfriend if someone had a bigger D to ride. Straight up broad
Ramuel:Man guys did you hear what Karly did the other day?
Johnny:Yeah, didn't she want to sleep with someone besides her own boyfriend and lie about it, sheesh what a broad.
Ramuel: Yes Broad would define her character really well!
by John Blo May 03, 2010
Baltimore definiton of a girl, female
Females usually don't liked to be called that unless their a hoe
Man I went over this broads house last night and lemme tell you boah that head was bangin!
by Kinky November 28, 2003
bitch, ho, tramp, female ect.
Man fuck that broad.
by Mk September 04, 2003
A useless piece of meat with a hole in it
by A.Dangles February 19, 2009

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