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To sexually flirt with and tease the opposite sex while in a relationship with someone else.
Friend 1: "We almost hooked up man... but then I was like, wait I'm dating someone. Ha."
Friend 2: "That's so mean dude! Your such a brit! Haha!"
by Puffs Ultra May 02, 2009
probably one of the ditziest you will ever meet but one the most trustworthy. She is gorgeous and tan (haha) she has a tattoo of a butterfly represting her bestfriends cami and hayden. jokes. its fake. shes amazing prettty SINGLE and funny. <3
girl: why does Brit always look up when she talks....?

Man: shes in a whole different world. its kinda hot.
by Cheergal23 May 17, 2011
One of the coolest girls on the planet. Doesnt really like to be associated with the name Brittany cause she thinks they are all the same. She loves everything about everything and is passionate about life. She will laugh or cry with you...You want Brit by your side!
Rachel: "I feel so shitty right now"
Jen: "What is it about?"
Racehl: "I cant tell you yet, i gotta vent to Brit first. She always has the right things to say"
by boradly March 30, 2010
adj; similar to the adjective SHOT
also used as shotass , ex: BRITASS

*chemists and people of coolness in mr.dahlstroms chemistry class use this term frequently :)
why did you come to school today BRIT?!
by chemistrybamfs March 25, 2010
British Person! whoaa screw the damn americans it not a gential wart. Brit is a person born/rasied/ or a citizen of great britain (including Ireland). Us brits couldn't care less if you call us a brit
Me: I was born in England!
Brett: I'm an american
Me: I'm a brit and proud!
by mufcsammy May 18, 2008
The most amazing type of person. Anyone who is from England. The best race of people.
American: "Wow you just scored a hat trick"

Brit: "It's cause I'm a brit"
by anononymous3475745745745745747 October 28, 2010
For better information, see asshole
Me: "Those fucking Brits are blaming me for our dumbass president, it's not like I'm supporting the asshole."

Friend: "I know, what assholes. I think they're just upset because there skin is paste white and they have small peckers."
by calvinownsj00 May 29, 2005