Ecstatic, but quiet very handsome, and is wanted, and is irresistible, very patient and polite and will listen to anything you have to say
I want to be like that guy, he's a total Brit and gets all the women!
by Hwk April 25, 2016
Someone who is from Britian (ie Scotland, England, Wales. NOT Northern Ireland, as Britian and the UK aren't the same.)

They actually spell honour and colour correctly, as that is how the words are spelt in their language. The Americans don't incorrectly spell color and honor, because that's how they spell it in their language (contrary to popular belief, Americans don't speak English, they speak American: a bastardization of the former). Oh, and English isn't the only language spoken in Britian, what about Welsh?

A Brit has a unique sense of humour which they often resort to at solemn times. They're basically exactly the same as everyone else on the planet, except for small differences.

A brit is just like everyone else on the planet.
by Jimmy Kickarse July 22, 2006
The biggest music award in Britian. Some Catagories include:
British Male Solo Artist
British Female Solo Artist
British Group
Mastercard British Album
International Group
Arctic Monkeys have won best british band and Mastercard Album of the year in '07 and '08.
by TwilightCM January 12, 2009
A combination of a brat and a twit. Often confused with the word "brit", which is defined as a person of British descent.
My sister's such a brit.
by indsrule November 19, 2011
a way to shorten britney spears.
very popular with teenagers.
girl 1: hey girl hey!
girl 2: what it do honeybaby?
girl 1: you know i got that new b rit cd baby
girl 2:awhhh yeah
by bonethugboss May 15, 2008
short for british people.
I'm british too, don't get me wrong Brits rule but they did a hell of a dumbass thing when they invaded India and took all our stuff *sigh*

viva britian. it owns.
Person 1: Brits suck.
Person 2: You're mom.
by pink polka dot June 16, 2007
a girl who seems perfect on the outside, but is really a stuck up bitch who only cares about popularity.
girl1: I'm so mad at Brit right now
girl2: why????
girl1: she's so obsessed with being popular!!!
by tinkerbellsjifigo June 06, 2010
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