Like definition # 7 of jew, only british, it can be used as an insulting term for a person who is 1) stingy, 2) scheming, 3) fanatical, or 4) insists on using past injustices to justify special treatment.
1) Quit being such a brit and spring a few bucks on your girlfriend

2) Shylock was such a brit

3) You're getting really british about this new cause of yours

4) Quit being such a brit and stop expecting us to be nice to you because your girlfriend broke up with you 2 months ago
by Wutu December 20, 2008
Someone from Britain who is always compared to Americans for some reason.
(Non British Guy): Hey it's a Brit!!

(Other Non British Guy): What's a Brit?

(Non British Guy): I dunno, but those Americans seem to hate him.
by Prash P April 30, 2008
Short for British.
* Used as in "Brits Out!": graffiti from Ireland.
* Man! those argentinians should punch the brains outta those brit's ears!
by Naty March 06, 2004
You damned brits like bashing on Americans huh?

We can spell "mum" mom if we please. You want to "nickle and dime" us? We'll do the same with you.

British people go on the hunt and eat crumpets and hang a hell of a lot of people. And what's up with their damned Monarchy? I'd be like screw King and Queen stuff, I want a president. And why haven't you Brits had a black king/queen?

YOU IGNORANT BASTARDS. Except for the British folk who respect other countries, Americans like those British. British people we don't like, we call Brits. Simple as that.
Brit: Hello there chap! Care for a spot of tea and crumpets before we set off on the hunt?

American: What the hell are you goin' on about you Brit?

Brit: Eh, wot? You bloke! You'll swing for this mate and cheerios and rotting teeth, eh crumpets?

(Not really how they talk, I know. Just a little humor)
by Kirby G. September 16, 2009
a (very annoying) phrase used by americans to describe british (which is different to english!) people
i am british not a brit *grinds teeth*
by Colette2000 August 04, 2005
a person who trashes every thing american and shall i repeat AMERICAN it's called that for reason. you brits have your own sports and we americans have our sports theres no need for the trash talk expesally on Football (amercan) and Futbol (british) if you can't tell there have different spellings because in america we call Futbol Socor so as not to confuse people
Brit-amercan football is a pussy sport rugby is way better a man's sport

american-why because you cant play/dont know how? you can diss a sport you don't even have. we dont dis rugby

Brit- you you you bloody ....

America- wow cant even come up with a good come back mom's boy
by Ming-Yue Long May 09, 2009
Anyone From the UK who is by nature a better person than any non-brit, and therefore does not need to parade their own patriotism and chant their countries name at every opportunity.
"Oh I see England won again"

"Thank God I'm a Brit, and not a Johnny Foreigner"
by Union Jack May 15, 2005

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