Abbreviation used to describe British people in an insulting manner
by Whale Watcher July 29, 2003
It's strange that many (not all) americains seem to think that brits cannot spell the words HONOUR and COLOUR correctly, when it is the britsh that invented the language. Also I find it odd that some americains semm to think that the british dont brush their teeth. They should stop being so gullible as not all americains have what you would call a 'hollywood smile' with the types of food commonly eaten there.
Americain:You limeys cant spell. Hyuck.
by England Rulz August 23, 2005
For better information, see asshole
Me: "Those fucking Brits are blaming me for our dumbass president, it's not like I'm supporting the asshole."

Friend: "I know, what assholes. I think they're just upset because there skin is paste white and they have small peckers."
by calvinownsj00 May 29, 2005
The most amazing type of person. Anyone who is from England. The best race of people.
American: "Wow you just scored a hat trick"

Brit: "It's cause I'm a brit"
by anononymous3475745745745745747 October 28, 2010
1. An abbreviation of Brittish. A person from the UK.

2. A perfume from Burberry's line.

3. Nickname for Britney.
1. I'm going to the UK for two weeks and I can meet some right Brits.

2. When I run out of Burberry Brit I will repurchase another bottle.

3. Britney, can I call you Brit instead?
by andreacky772 January 18, 2005
Some sexy ass bitch who, quite simply, exudes awesomeness.

"Damn! Who is that fine ass motherfucker stumbling around with a bottle of wine in her hand?"

"That my friend, is a Brit"

by Brit (of course) April 17, 2008
An person who comes from the United Kingdom which stands as a bulwark of common law, democracy and tradition against the forces of evil. Someone who loves their country but doesn't have to get in anyones face about it. There'll always be an England! Rule Britannia!
The Brits play better football than anyone else in the world!
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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