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To telephone a farmer and terrify the poor fellow with a fruity drag-queen rant.
Farmer Keith: "Ooh I tell you, Clive, I daren't answer the bloody phone any more in case its someone wanting to Briggsy me."
by Gruzzo July 11, 2006
A scruffy chav who has several ASBOs (Anti-Social Behaviour Orders) to his name yet still ponces about the place pretending to be an artist.
"Look at that mincing twat with the paintbrushes up his arse. Bet he's a right Briggsy"
by Tresspass July 14, 2006
word known around in states such new york, new jersey, and very little in Pennsylvania. means to be full of lots of stories, some being real but the majority fake. word also found in the dictionary next to bull shitter and liar and if you don't believe it then go look for yourself.
briggsy jinxed the axeman leaving philly by buying his hat
by roger March 02, 2005
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