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To walk or sashe/shante in a very effeminate and/or swishy way. To walk as if wearing a pair of invisible high heels.
Wow, get a load of him Mincing across the room like he's walking on egg shells.
by Kieron M. May 20, 2008
A stance whilst walking or standing still, to walk camply with fimble wrists.
oh my god, look at that gaylord focker mincing down the street.
by Rz0V March 09, 2005
Slang, the act of procrastinating relentlessly, and taking way to long to complete a task!
Susie was supposed to be finishing the audit, but she's been mincing so much that she's barely even started it!

Dave's been such a mincer today, he needs to finish his project, but every time I see him he's just playing COD, or cooking super noodles!
by tj888 November 13, 2010
Mincing is an act carried out usually in the lesbian communtity, it consists of thrusting your right fist down and spinning clockwise, then thrusting the left fist down and spinning anti-clockwise. Whilst doing this you must grind your hips to the rhythm of your hands.
"I'm going to mince her right up."
"I'm mincing to get home."
"Yeah, I minced some girl last night."
by k&zzzzzzz November 25, 2011
Two people find a dead body. One puts their mouth over the penis, and the other elbow drops on the dead persons stomach.
" Callum and Tom were caught mincing on the late jimmy carter last night"
by Avocados! November 05, 2007
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