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5 definitions by Tresspass

When a well-endowed gentleman suffers from an involuntary erection, preferably in a public place...
Ron had a whitworth yesterday, it scared the shit out of Julie...
by Tresspass July 17, 2006
29 10
A scruffy chav who has several ASBOs (Anti-Social Behaviour Orders) to his name yet still ponces about the place pretending to be an artist.
"Look at that mincing twat with the paintbrushes up his arse. Bet he's a right Briggsy"
by Tresspass July 14, 2006
33 14
The act of rubbing ones stubbly, unshaven chin against the buttocks or around the anal area of a willing 'victim'. Named because the main participants of this pastime are wannabee boho arty types with bad skin.
Geoff: Did you see Briggsy at NG1 last night?

Ringo: Why, what happened?

Geoff: He held someone down and gave them a right good art scratching. They couldn't walk properly for the rest of the evening...
by tresspass September 08, 2006
8 3
An erection caused by the lusting of a co-workers (typically in the civil service) obese frame and immense buttocks
David saw Vanessas arse and the resulting defra lard pole lasted three hours
by Tresspass July 25, 2006
5 1
The act of inserting more than one finger up the rectum (either your own or someone elses), preferably in a public place.
Man, Steve totally warwicked Luke at the gig last night
by tresspass July 10, 2006
75 121