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When a well-endowed gentleman suffers from an involuntary erection, preferably in a public place...
Ron had a whitworth yesterday, it scared the shit out of Julie...
by Tresspass July 17, 2006
A scruffy chav who has several ASBOs (Anti-Social Behaviour Orders) to his name yet still ponces about the place pretending to be an artist.
"Look at that mincing twat with the paintbrushes up his arse. Bet he's a right Briggsy"
by Tresspass July 14, 2006
The act of rubbing ones stubbly, unshaven chin against the buttocks or around the anal area of a willing 'victim'. Named because the main participants of this pastime are wannabee boho arty types with bad skin.
Geoff: Did you see Briggsy at NG1 last night?

Ringo: Why, what happened?

Geoff: He held someone down and gave them a right good art scratching. They couldn't walk properly for the rest of the evening...
by tresspass September 08, 2006
An erection caused by the lusting of a co-workers (typically in the civil service) obese frame and immense buttocks
David saw Vanessas arse and the resulting defra lard pole lasted three hours
by Tresspass July 25, 2006
The act of inserting more than one finger up the rectum (either your own or someone elses), preferably in a public place.
Man, Steve totally warwicked Luke at the gig last night
by tresspass July 10, 2006

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