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A solid form that is usually used to build houses.
A brick is a solid form that is usually used to build houses!
by Jemster23 August 31, 2010
To render an electronic device unusable through a software hack (usualy by accedent or through update from manufacture)
Oh no! I bricked my iPhone!
by Aerossi April 21, 2010
A term used to describe an unfortunate looking drag queen. Most queens strive to have a great illusion of the female form and beauty. A Brick is a drag queen thats just the opposite hard, rough, not convincing at all.
"Hey look at those queens that just walked in, BRICKS all of them!"
by Brickzilla February 11, 2010
Internet slang for:
1. Crash of a computer
2. To be given a blowjob

These terms became popular after sxephil's 4.30.09 video.
"Oh, man, my computer bricked!"
"He sent me a link of this girl being bricked in the mouth!"
by he's not sexy April 30, 2009
to cum. especially when talking about ejaculating in her mouth.
she told me to brick in her mouth and all over her face!
by mouth bricker April 15, 2009
To be cold, bitter or chilly. Used commonly in the north east, particularly in urban community's in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.
God damn, its brick up in here.
by DamnBombshell March 04, 2009
A movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006. Significant for its modern take on the old style of Film Noir, and the low budget it was made on.
Tagline: "There's not much chance of coming out clean"


"She said words I didn't know. Tell me if they catch: brick...

"What do you want?"
"Just to see you sweat"

"You better be sure you wanna know what you wanna know."

"you gotta cigarette?"
"I don't smoke"
"I've seen you smoke"
"I don't smoke cigarettes"

"Oh yeah"
"Oh yeah"
"There's a Thesarus in the library. Yeah is under Y. go ahead I'll wait.
by timm4969 October 09, 2006