the bricks is a way to describe a distance a person must go or ones struggle ex:
"that's a brick and a half" or " its a brick and Four quarters away" and for long distances " that was four bricks" or " that was a couple bricks"
by blue97 May 14, 2014
A one hundred dollar bill
Did you see that stack? It was solid bricks.
by bitter13 October 28, 2013
a beer chilled to the perfect temperature
Hey man, throw me a brick
by 13094875 February 28, 2013
To let down, disappoint, bail on, not show up, esp. when you've accepted an invitation or agreed to a plan.
Looks like Ben is gonna brick, but me and Joe will be there.

Man, he totally bricked on me; he's such a loser!
by missbiscuit December 23, 2012
Nickname in the South for Mad Dog 20/20.
Gonna get me a bottle of brick to chill w/ tonight.
by PhantomLover007 November 05, 2012
1. A girl who doesn't know how to move on the dancefloor. She's called a brick because of her inhability to generate any kind of amusement. Most of moves are in a particular order (ex. Left, Right, Up, Down, Left...)

2. A girl who has no personnality ot conversation whatsoever. In this case, it's a lifestyle.
1. Dave: Man, I went to the club yesterday!
Paul: Oh nice dude ! Did you take some chicks?
Dave: Nope... Shit was so boring ! There were only bricks!!! everywhere!

2. John: I kinda like this girl

Nick: What the fuck bro! This girl's a brick!
by designatedwingman October 14, 2011
Its brick as hell out here today!
by ATLknighthawk January 03, 2011

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