A good guy. Really smart in EVERYTHING but lacks in being smooooooth with them females. Too scared to make the first move. Females often become frustrated while trying to teach them not to be such bricks because they NEVER change. Why man whyyyyyyyy :0
Nice guys finish last.

I spy ____ on his first date.... What the.. Is he making her pay? What a brick!!
by Schemer69698 April 03, 2014
Used to describe a boring bitch. A person who is lacking personality (usually female).
A person who has less facial expressions than Joan Rivers duckface pout

A brick is typically a red rectangle block that is heavy in its stature, usually used in building.

Alone a brick is useless, it cannot build a house or a fence. It's only use is a doorstop.
That chick is a brick.

Wow, what a brick. I'd hate to be her friend

yolo bitch
by Batmanvssuperman November 25, 2013
Person 1: "What's up?"
Person 2: "Just listening to Mozart's new single, it's so brick!"
Person 1: "Is it really that great?
Person 2: "Yea dude check it out!"
by readme60 June 07, 2012
describing someone or something as cool/wicked/awesome etc
1) Olive is a brick ;D
2) That song is well brick ;D
by kearleeey October 08, 2011
when you're joking around with a friend and call them a mix of bro and dick. bro+dick=brick.
ricki shut up, you're such a brick.
by salmon424 August 31, 2010
(noun) - A Joke or comment that is said in order be humourous but is infact unfunny resulting in a lack of laughter or awkward silence.

Alternatively a person who continually makes Bricks can be deamed a Brick.

(verb) to Brick is to shout 'Brick!' at any person that should happen to make a Brick, however the word the word they shout may often not resemble 'Brick!' but more a deep groan like a seal, like so; 'BREEUURGH!'
An alternative verb associated with Brick is to 'Brick it' in which someone continually makes Bicks'
'Man that passage was such a Brick' said John
'BRIIICKK!' Bricked Dom

'You ever notice how everyone on this site is always Bricking it?' said John
'Yeah they're all such Bricks' replied Dom.
by Brick123 November 23, 2009
to describe something negative
Today was so brick, I hate maths!
by Psychology October 05, 2009
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