To be stoned
Remember that time we went to her place and we used that bong? - Ahaha, yeah. We were more brick than anything else
by Lexirer October 05, 2010
Internet slang for:
1. Crash of a computer
2. To be given a blowjob

These terms became popular after sxephil's 4.30.09 video.
"Oh, man, my computer bricked!"
"He sent me a link of this girl being bricked in the mouth!"
by he's not sexy April 30, 2009

Extremely cold; frigid. Synonym of cold.

Make sure to wear a coat when you go outside, it is f*cking brick!

by dcbamma October 20, 2008
A 750 ml bottle of MD 20/20.
Two bricks of Orange jubilee............Hell yeah, my man went face first into the glass coffee table.
by Celeste420 June 18, 2008
1. Any small (usually handheld) electronic device that has become outdated, and thus is much larger and heavier than modern versions. A large (bigger than handheld) such device is called a boat anchor.

2. An amplifier used for radio transmitting, especially in ham radio and particularly when intended for automobile installation (so named because such amplifiers are small, heavy, and usually shaped like a brick; just a plain metal box with a few wires sticking out).
1. I've had this cellphone for 5 years; it's a total brick.

2. Can't hear me over the static? Let me kick in the brick.
by Artation October 05, 2007
A movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006. Significant for its modern take on the old style of Film Noir, and the low budget it was made on.
Tagline: "There's not much chance of coming out clean"


"She said words I didn't know. Tell me if they catch: brick...

"What do you want?"
"Just to see you sweat"

"You better be sure you wanna know what you wanna know."

"you gotta cigarette?"
"I don't smoke"
"I've seen you smoke"
"I don't smoke cigarettes"

"Oh yeah"
"Oh yeah"
"There's a Thesarus in the library. Yeah is under Y. go ahead I'll wait.
by timm4969 October 09, 2006
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