To be cold, bitter or chilly. Used commonly in the north east, particularly in urban community's in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.
God damn, its brick up in here.
by DamnBombshell March 04, 2009
A gift you give to someone who you hate. It is delivered by throwing it through their window or at their head with a note attached. The note should contain an insulting adjective or a demeaning adverb.
I really hate Nicky so when he was feeling good about himself, so I gave him a brick!
by the brick thrower June 03, 2016
A woman who is flat on both sides and gets laid by Mexicans.
Man 1: Did you meet my new hoe?
Man 2: Yeah, she's a brick!
by Mongoose41 January 12, 2016
To be a brick- To have the personality of an inanimate object, in this case a brick. A brick will add boring tit bits to a conversation and generally ramble on boring topics at great lengths of time to a large audience,causing them to leave or find other people to talk to. The brick must be avoided at all costs or silenced.
Tyler Perry: Man, Christine Aguilera just won't shut up about her neon nails. Its so boring.

Zain Malik: I know right, she's such a brick. No one gives a fuck yet she continues. Ffs.

Tyler Perry- she bricked the convo.
by Fvckutue December 05, 2014
What comes out of your butt when you get extremely amazed or shocked at something.
When I saw it, I shit bricks
by humanbeing6123986893 April 03, 2012
One of the female gender who is neither bro, nor chick. She is a hybrid; her name is, "Brick".
Dude, you see that chick dominating beer pong over there?

Yeah, that chick is a brick.
by Sgtbrach December 21, 2010
A solid form that is usually used to build houses.
A brick is a solid form that is usually used to build houses!
by Jemster23 August 31, 2010
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