slang term for erection
that girl gave me brick!
by kage712 June 12, 2010
To render an electronic device unusable through a software hack (usualy by accedent or through update from manufacture)
Oh no! I bricked my iPhone!
by Aerossi April 21, 2010
(noun) an individual with little to no personality or conversational skills. A brick is most present during a first date where introductory conversation skills are most necessary and their date will be left wishing they had brought an actual brick to dinner instead of the person sitting across from them because the brick would be less awkward to sit next to for the next hour.
God, I had another date with a brick last night!
by madd0g April 19, 2010
Derogatory term used for women who are not intelligent and viewed as being dumb as a brick.
Female Student: Albert Enstein was our third president.

Another Student: Shut up, Brick!
by Viper6824 July 24, 2009
Either used to describe a person for killing a conversation, or alternatively a single statement can brick it horrendously on its own. Below are examples of both.
Person1: The answers six pi.
Person2: Than-
Person3 (Interjecting): What's that, the contents of your stomach!
*They laugh*


White boyin blazer: I'm de blackest mon dis side o' Camden!
by ßæ$† May 02, 2009
to cum. especially when talking about ejaculating in her mouth.
she told me to brick in her mouth and all over her face!
by mouth bricker April 15, 2009
What one's PSP will become when trying to downgrade the firmware and the power dies.
Doing so will render the PSP useless, making the handheld about as useful as a brick.
Holy crap! I found a v1.52 -> v1.5 downgrade! *Runs it, battery dies, PSP becomes a brick*
Wtf, no!
by slow-dub July 16, 2005
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