5 bundles (usually 50 bags) of heroin.
"if we put our money together we can get a couple bricks of dope."
by J Miahh April 18, 2007
As good as it gets, nothing better.
That party last night was brick! Awesome!
by FBGSRC November 27, 2013
10 thousand US dollars cash, in 100 dollar bills.
"The guy makes a brick a month."
by Vatu October 31, 2013
a slang word derived from prison meaning the world outside of a jail or prison.
I'll be released in a few, I'm so happy, I can't wait to be in the bricks
by ThE K@niLeKinG January 27, 2011
Prison or county jail term for a specific type of food made with ramen noodle soups, cheese puffs, jalepeno cheese squeeze, and several added ingredients such as tuna fish and slim jims. different inmates prefer different types of recipes and the recipes are often a form of art. brick taste competitions are sometimes held in dormatories to see who has the best brick recipe.
person 1: nigga you got anything to eat tonight
person 2: yah im a make a brick tonight i got 2 heads on it already but ill brake you off a piece.
by cowbeezzy baby August 15, 2009
a 30 rack of beer
Do you want to split a brick tonight?
by LAU izzle July 17, 2008
If you called someone a "Brick", your basically calling her a fucking bitch, but your also referring to her as lazy, fat, ugly, and boring. Your also saying she has an unflattering figure, and that she can't step out of her comfort zone and is socially retarded.
Guy 1: Dude, that chic's such a brick!
Guy 2: Ikr? All she does is sit on her fat ass and play's C.O.D. all day and talks shit about other people.
by ForgeousChic101 July 21, 2011
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