Cemented cocaine in the shape of a brick, hollowed & filled with marijuana.

Traditionally from the the Mediterranean and middle east, they were used to get their contents through customs.

More recently, a sex toy is inserted as a distraction, and it is wrapped in lesbian porn.
Person 1: How can I get this cocaine into Britain without stuffing it up my arse?

Person 2: How about making a brick? I hear they work every time!
by MrMalta June 26, 2011
a slang word derived from prison meaning the world outside of a jail or prison.
I'll be released in a few, I'm so happy, I can't wait to be in the bricks
by ThE K@niLeKinG January 27, 2011
Prison or county jail term for a specific type of food made with ramen noodle soups, cheese puffs, jalepeno cheese squeeze, and several added ingredients such as tuna fish and slim jims. different inmates prefer different types of recipes and the recipes are often a form of art. brick taste competitions are sometimes held in dormatories to see who has the best brick recipe.
person 1: nigga you got anything to eat tonight
person 2: yah im a make a brick tonight i got 2 heads on it already but ill brake you off a piece.
by cowbeezzy baby August 15, 2009
A term used to describe an unfortunate looking drag queen. Most queens strive to have a great illusion of the female form and beauty. A Brick is a drag queen thats just the opposite hard, rough, not convincing at all.
"Hey look at those queens that just walked in, BRICKS all of them!"
by Brickzilla February 11, 2010
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