(Verb) To "brick" something or when something is "bricked": refers to installing or upgrading some sort of digital device (say, an iPhone or a Wii), having something go wrong, thus rendering the device completely inoperable and usually beyond repair.
Damn! I totally bricked my iPhone by installing that latest security patch!
by anticlick October 01, 2009
Verb: to make a mistake, or mess something up.
Bricks.... i had a test today and i bricked it, forgot all about it.
by deeeeeeeeee's August 12, 2009
a brick is refferred to a person who doesnt have a personality, they simply steal everyone else likes and dislikes, also vocabulary. they mix so many personalities together they constantly contradict themselves.
dude your such a brick for stealing my style
by allinadayswork April 20, 2009
Derived from the word "brisk", meaning cold. Created for the ease of speech in a quick sentence.
"Damn, Jamal, it sho is brick out here!"
by scagz December 28, 2007
A Brick is a pound of weed, or a kilo of cocaine, depending on who you ask.
My homeboy John flipped a brick and made 1500 bucks.
by Nobody December 21, 2004
Verb. To fuck someone or something.
Adam: Hey, Eve, let's go brick in that garden.
Eve: Sure~
by Unknown987654321 May 26, 2012
a cigarette whether rolled by one self or pre-rolled.
Lets go smoke a brick dude.
by wakeskter210 February 07, 2012

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