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1. Any small (usually handheld) electronic device that has become outdated, and thus is much larger and heavier than modern versions. A large (bigger than handheld) such device is called a boat anchor.

2. An amplifier used for radio transmitting, especially in ham radio and particularly when intended for automobile installation (so named because such amplifiers are small, heavy, and usually shaped like a brick; just a plain metal box with a few wires sticking out).
1. I've had this cellphone for 5 years; it's a total brick.

2. Can't hear me over the static? Let me kick in the brick.
by Artation October 05, 2007
What one's PSP will become when trying to downgrade the firmware and the power dies.
Doing so will render the PSP useless, making the handheld about as useful as a brick.
Holy crap! I found a v1.52 -> v1.5 downgrade! *Runs it, battery dies, PSP becomes a brick*
Wtf, no!
by slow-dub July 16, 2005
A Brick is a pound of weed, or a kilo of cocaine, depending on who you ask.
My homeboy John flipped a brick and made 1500 bucks.
by Nobody December 21, 2004
a tool used to throw at an ugly bitches face.
She needs a brick to fix her face
by FDKLJA;F November 25, 2010
To be nasty, trife, ugly, annoying, everything badd pretty much. you dont want to be called brick in any situation.
Angie Capotosto and Julie Frederick

"Damn that bitch is so brick!"
"stop acting so brick"
"Why you gotta be brick?!"
by nkrs December 05, 2009
(Verb) To "brick" something or when something is "bricked": refers to installing or upgrading some sort of digital device (say, an iPhone or a Wii), having something go wrong, thus rendering the device completely inoperable and usually beyond repair.
Damn! I totally bricked my iPhone by installing that latest security patch!
by anticlick October 01, 2009
Verb: to make a mistake, or mess something up.
Bricks.... i had a test today and i bricked it, forgot all about it.
by deeeeeeeeee's August 12, 2009