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9 definitions by brick

San Diego slang for a large, flaccid penis. Derived from the similarity in size and curvature to an infant's arm. Also called "baby's arm holding a pear".
"When she unzipped my jeans, I showed her the baby's arm."
by Brick September 14, 2003
72 40
Someone who waits in ambush, waiting for the unsuspecting victim to leave there chair, then swoops down to claim there seat.
Josh stole my seat he is such a chair vulture!!!!
by Brick October 13, 2004
8 1
San Diego slang for cigarette. During its evolution, cigarette became "garette," garette became "grit," and grit became "gritter." Can be pronounced either grit-er or grit-ah.
(1) After a good meal, it's time for a gritter.

(2) "Dude, can I bum a gritter off you?"
by Brick July 31, 2003
26 21
A Blowjohn is when you Lie / Tell your friends you received fallacio from this totally attractive male or female when you definitely did not
GUY : hey Bros, I totally got fallacio this weekend at the movies by the new chick.

BROS : you sure you're not lying

NEW CHICK : hes totally lying, classic BLOWJOHN
by BRICK December 26, 2013
4 0
1. To have sex.
1. Last night we fucked.
by Brick October 24, 2003
9 7
One who is constantly under the influence of illegal substances and thinks that makes him REALLY COOL!!
Negro: Yo man, I need to get hooked up with some phat ass weed.
Mexican: Hey man, why don't we go see Lounsberry about it?
Negro: Naw, man. That faggot bought his bong from Ra Shop.
Mexican: Ra Shop? Who the hell buys bongs there? What a loser.

Also see baked, fucked, wasted, fucking weird, poseur, and gooch.
by Brick January 27, 2005
9 8
close friend;a term use in place of someones actuall name, normally associated with male aquaintances
"whats the deal dogpound, can we please get these jumpoffs jumpin'off?
by brick November 30, 2004
6 11