Female mammary glands. Although they are used biologically for feeding offspring, breasts are actually attractive. In fact, breasts are the #1 factor in how a woman looks to a man. In otherwords, the bigger a woman's breasts, the better.

The truth is also that men have breasts, but they're not so important as a woman's, and thus the male variant is often called "chest". Although, "chest" is used to refer to a woman's rack, often used in paranoia, either by women or men.

Overall, I love breasts. ^.^
"Me? Well, I prefer a woman's face, but I more and more understand, when it comes to love, the importance of a woman's bosoms. Supposedly it feels ticklish when they are fondled, and they also make fluffy pillows. Make sure you treat them good because it HURTS when you hit them. Nevertheless, be careful when looking at a woman's breasts, because if you look at them for too long instead of looking into her eyes, she will notice and possibly commence hostilities."
by Dave December 30, 2004
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1) The softest, tastiest, most tender cut of chicken.
2) The softest, tastiest, most tender part on a woman.
3) Where milk comes from.
Those breasts are making my mouth water!
by Oprah February 21, 2003
The best pillows you can sleep on!
You get a scale that defines them:
(from small to massive)
1 flat
2 fried eggs
3 titties
4 tits
5 Jibbies
6 boobs
7 broobs
8 breasts
9 juggs
10 mellons
by Who's huw November 06, 2003
the greatest creation known to man
and the lord said "let there be breasts on women."
by dave March 23, 2003
girls body part that boys love to Squeeze and girls don't like it
<boy> let me Squeeze your breast

<girl> hell no! do you even know how that feels
by Starr June 03, 2004
On a female, a mystical body part, it is common belief that if a man were to look at any other spot on a woman's body he would turn to stone.
"Keep your eye on that breast laddy, and all knowledge in the world will be yours."
by Jeremy November 15, 2003
What lonely teenaged boys wish they could touch.
Look at that girl's breasts. I just want to reach over and...
by Colony September 20, 2003
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