Somthing for men to look at when they are talking to you.
"Dude that girl showed me her tities"
by COLLINS October 14, 2003
Something that every strait teen boy loves to see & jack-off to!
i like big breasts

(.) (.)
by Joe Mami September 24, 2006
A part of the womans torso made up completely of solidified
Her Breasts are made out of awesome.
by lucifuge rofocale February 01, 2008
Things that are round(usually)and for some reason drive men crazy. Things that are almost always in the way(if you have large ones)and things women want if they don't have. They also make people think you want them to throw things in between them.
My breast still hurt because alot of men think you wont notice if they "accidentally" elbo them.
by Joyce Candice June 06, 2007
The "sophisticated" term for boobs or tits. Takes out the attractiveness out of them!
"He tried to touch my breasts..."
"Ugh, just say boobs or something!"
by Skelwor May 13, 2009
Two lumps on a womans chest that have several different names and several different uses.

1. To feed infant children
2. To get out of a traffic ticket
3. To get men's attention
4. To get free things
5. To show-off
Guy 1: Hey! Aren't Jenny's breats looking might fine today

Guy 2: Yes they are Guy 1, Let's go talk to her

Jenny: Hi! Guy 1 and Guy 2

Guy 1 and Guy 2: Hi

Guy 1: Your breast are looking mighty fine there.

Jenny: How rude!

Guy 2: What a bitch! If you don't want us to compliment them why don't you get them removed
by Who The Douce Are You? April 19, 2005
the things that stick to the front of women and fat mens cheasts and bounce when they walk. If a bra is not worn they may bounce to much, even so far as to escape.
'o no, my boobies fell out and all the young men are starting. golly gosh, whatever shall I do?'
by Kate September 17, 2003

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