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Fat black man titties, where a black man (a brother aka bro) has sacks of fat (breasts/man boobs) on his chest. They may grow there from puberty, genetic defects, eating too many potatoes or be placed there by god because he deserved it. May have increased risk to develop breast cancer.

Therefore bro + boobs = broobs

Pronounced "brew"bs....broobs
"That frank guy...i heard hes got broobs"
"Yer we should call him broobs from now on"


"Broobs if you keep eating potatoes its not gonna help the broobs situation"

"F*ck off broobs"

"frank youve got some serious broobs"

"Can i touch your broobs frank?"
by jimbo bones May 24, 2007
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a bruise on one's boob.
bruise + boob = broob.
When I got hit in the chest by that jerk on the stairs, I got a broob.
by i hate picking a name June 12, 2008
to design a girl who is considered a bro

it's a bro with boobs, a broob
- Robyn is a broob

- Was cool talking to you broob
by broobs27 June 25, 2011
a level of bros that can only be achieved by two bros getting thier faces mashed into a strippers titties at the same time. this is only a shortened version of the term "boob bros." it is a bond more sacred than marriage that cannot be arranged by bros, it has to be a strippers decision, so it has to be fate.
yo broob, wanna hit up the strip club wit me tonight
by the first broob February 26, 2010
A chic who is basically a bro. However, since she has boobs she can never truly be a bro. Therefore, she is a Broob, a bro with boobs
Dude I had some beers with Olivia last night! She's a total Broob!
by Urbandiclover June 06, 2015
Your bro's boobs
"Hey bro, can I touch your boobs" - bro 1
"Yeah of course, they're broobs" - bro 2
by meowal July 10, 2014
when two guys get boobs in their face at a titty bar by the same girl then they become broobs
dude have we become broobs yet, no but theres this girl with huge tits prolly will do it for us
by nasty potatoe June 19, 2011

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