Wonderful headrests attached to women's chests.
I love resting my head on breasts.
by Moose September 24, 2003
Two fleshy deposits on the chest of a developed female. Varying in size they are primarily used for feeding infants but have a huge role in foreplay.

Depending on size and presentation, they can be a great enhancer in careers, love life and various daily activities. They also have the uncanny power of taking complete control of a man's mind and speech.
Normal Man 1: "Those are some nice breasts. Let me touch them."

Hot Girl: "Get the fuck away from me".

Normal Man 2: "Tittays!"

I came into work one day and the boss left me a note saying to clear out my desk. It was obvious that the new big-breasted girl had used her super-breast powers to overthrow me.
by Danforth March 07, 2006
Fatty deposits on a woman's chest. They contain mammary glands which produce milk to feed babies, and have also evolved into a beauty/status symbol. Come in various sizes ranging from AAA (practically nonexistent) up to DDD and even higher. Generally, the bigger they are compared to the rest of a woman's body, the more attractive they are considered to be, although occasionally one will run across the rare man who prefers the little ones. The downside of having bigger ones is that they tend to sag after a woman reaches 30.
In today's breast-obsessed society, your breasts have to be at least a D-cup to be considered attractive.
by MissionDoll November 11, 2004
Things that are fun to suck on and play with.
* Odin sucks on the breast

* Odin licks the breast
by Odin December 08, 2002
Something that's fun to fondle with.
* Yoshi fondles your breasts.
by Yoshi December 08, 2002
Give any teenage boy a dictionary and this is most likely the word they'll look up.
Boy 1: Hey man, check it out ... 'breast, noun, two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman'
Boy 2: Awesome! Now look up nipple ...

by Kateeeee May 04, 2008
Sacks of fat that develope on women during puberty and continue to grow until they reach full size at the end of puberty. They can be any size or shape. Men seem to find them intriguing for some odd reason.

See tits, melons, jugs, boobs, broobs, titties, etc.
Katie is seen as a slut to her classmates, mostly because she has such big breasts and wears tight shirts to show them off.

Greg had great sex with Lianna. He squeezed, fondled and sucked her breasts like their was no tomorrow
by xxdecayingashes December 26, 2004
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