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To give or experience an orgasm quickly, powerfully, or even effectively. May be used by someone who is quite horny and just wants to get off. May also be used by someone who is tired of uneventful sex.
Woman: "Man, I just wanna break off some."
Man: "Aight!"
by Steven April 28, 2004
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To offer sex willingly
After Jimmy took his date to dinner, dancing and a late night latte, he knew his date would break him off some for his effort.

She felt obligated to break him off some after he dropped by and took her kids out to the park and movies.
by mb April 22, 2004
Means to kick your ass
Don't make me have to break u off sumthin'
by S_I_X aka Toine April 28, 2004
when ur asking for something
"give me some"
by Mandi April 26, 2004
To exercise ones option to do something, most commonly something violent to an assclown who is really ruining your mood.
Okay assclown, now ima break off some whoop ass on you!
by droogie April 25, 2004
Referring to something another person takes out, Something a deadbeat does since they don't have any of there own.

Pertaining to Marijuana if someone doesn't have a stash of there own.
Yo son, break me off some of that ill stuff.

Yo son, break me off some of that gum you got there.
by Abdel April 22, 2004
used in reference to the delicious,crunchy, wafer-like chocolate treat.a shortened version of the slogan "break me off a piece"
"give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar."
by Eric April 27, 2004

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