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A friend you drink beer with, have drunk beer with, or will drink beer with.
you tryin to drink some beerskis later braski?
by rocky January 27, 2003
The term used for a friend or relative who you consider like a brother.
"Whats the deal braski?"
by Arty Millz May 07, 2007
Most scene kids use this word to describe one of their guy friends.
It is the longer version of 'bra' which is usually used. It kinda sorta means 'bro'.
'thanks braskii. you savedd me fcukin life.'
by cynthia lee June 20, 2007
Braski: "Someone that is the freaking man, willing to grind on any girl in the room; Big, tall, skinny, or small, he'll bang him all. If he isn't afraid to spade then he is officially known to you as braski."
"Dude look at the guy hook up with that fat girl"

"Stfu dude he's a friggen braski"
by Seabacethebadace April 11, 2009
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