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Skinny Puppy invented the Term "Brap"

BRAP is basically like Jamming but with Synthesizers instead of Guitars, etc.

BRAP is also the name of Skinny Puppy's Back & Forth 3/4.
"We were Brappin' for hours"

"Brap on!" (Skinny Puppy fan's "goodbye")

(More c0re version of the above)

"I went to the CD store and bought BRAP!"
by Ekim May 05, 2004
now used to take the piss out of chav-speak.

or a word seriously used by chavs, at very inappropriate times.
YESS MAYTE, we are likke, WELL repectabled dat under 16s nightclub. BRAP.

P1: what did the doctor say?
P2: he said, i might not live more than a, month. BRAP.
by saltcoats. February 17, 2009
Used as a term referring to a motorcycle taking off doing a wheelie "BRAAAAAAP"
"BRAAAAAAAAP" "BRAAAAAAP" is used to show the motorcycle changing gears using the "BRAP" word
by oshiznitzsvt@hotmail.com July 10, 2008
An ottomottopia (a way to describe a sound), used to represent gunfire, usually used by people in high crime, poverty stricken areas, and by rappers and gangstas.
Brap! Brap! Brap! Your Dead!
Brap! Brap! gun shots.
Brap! Brap! Brap!, and he then sped away leaving the man unconscious.
by Kenster1991 October 19, 2010
british racist and proud
gangstas' will say 'brap' to their friends etc. whilst holding up 'gun fingers
by minis August 04, 2010
a dill-luxe dill pickle, usually amber in color.
my bromie gave me a brap when we were ballin on our golf cart.
by taserbrit September 15, 2009
White Kids Refer To Them Selves As Whap
WHite And Proud
So Brap
BRown And Proud
Person 1; Urgh Your So White
Person 2; I'm Whap
Person 1; F*** You I'm Brap
by nerdcorekiid November 16, 2008