Brap is a word used by people who fail at the English language, usual unemployed as they don't have any life skills because their parents are scumbags like them. Their brains are so small and incapable of stringing a sentence together that when they get excited they forget how to talk so just start making random noises, 'brap' happens to be one of these noises.
A good song comes on the radio;

Lowlife: Oiiiii Brap Brap Sick Tune Blud

Rest of Civilisation: Knobhead!
by PC - Professional Cynic August 19, 2011
(pronounced Brrrrap!) A word commonly used by chavs, brap is usually said when elated at news.
Guy 1: My Mom is gonna give me £60 we'll split it yer?
Guy 2: Brap!
by Zachary Marsden July 11, 2006
a super cool person on CHF.
brap brap.
by iriain September 20, 2008
A word used by motocross riders to imitate the sound that there bike makes as they rev the engine.
Rider: Hey did you see me come around that corner and hit that jump i was like....BRaP..
by O.L May 26, 2008
a exclamation of chavs....
chav speak
chavs say this
and for the chavs reading this: u say it innit blud..
braps man braaaaaaps!! *insert rap about violence, rims and hoes here*
by the anti-chav April 28, 2006
To get high, hook up electronic instruments, and record. Term invented by industrial gods Skinny Puppy.
We hit tha bong, pounded beers, and brapped 'till dawn
by NEGROTIC BICKWOW October 25, 2002
A mixture between blunt and wrap
A fucking awesome to talk about getting fucked up in secret (:
Hey, can you take me to Sheetz to get a Brap?
by kaybug n sisi April 23, 2011

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