sound made by a fart or burp
that burger was great right?
by zeemeister October 14, 2007
To gather together, hook-up electronic instruments, get high and record. This term made familiar by Electronic music pioneers, Skinny Puppy.
"Cevin and I are going to brap in the basement."
by Dr. Shockwave January 22, 2009
Breast/boob clapping
Boobs large enough that when pushed together make a clapping sound.
Simillar to the "fap" sound.
boy: "while I was doing her from behind her huge tits started brapping."

girl: "I applaud your excellent sexual deeds with this brap" *repeatedly pushes breasts together in order to make them slap against each other*
by Kryshia April 12, 2012
The wonderful sound my butt makes when it is happy.
"Hey, did you hear that?"
"No, hear what?"
"(bending over)BRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPP! That was just my butt saying, 'Hello, nice to see you'!!"
by The Hunter May 28, 2004
The sound of flatulence, the emission of flatulence
He brapped after eating spicy chili.
by Stoogemaniac January 01, 2003
Brap is a word used by people who fail at the English language, usual unemployed as they don't have any life skills because their parents are scumbags like them. Their brains are so small and incapable of stringing a sentence together that when they get excited they forget how to talk so just start making random noises, 'brap' happens to be one of these noises.
A good song comes on the radio;

Lowlife: Oiiiii Brap Brap Sick Tune Blud

Rest of Civilisation: Knobhead!
by PC - Professional Cynic August 19, 2011
n. A deragotory term used for the breasts of a 'ho' (Whore/Slag/Lucie)
'Oi, slag, get your Braps out!!'

'Nice Braps!'
by Machman January 25, 2009

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