Onomatpoeia used by schoolkids and people who wear their trousers stupidly low. Usually to imatate a gun but mostly used to say, "Yeah, good!"
"Check my new BB gun!"
by Random Task June 14, 2007
A complete team of awsome people that truely own.
we are Team BRAP we will chud on you
by Embone November 04, 2010
When a girl creeps your boyfriend and shes being all sneaky about it.

Someone who flirts with someone they shouldn't on facebook.
She's a brap.

You're a brap.

What a brap, shes is creepin' my boyfriend!
by Ester Vance March 23, 2010
When you fuck someone's shit up on Call of Duty 4
mercing yo' shit all day with ma Uzi 9mm, BRAP BRAP BRRRRRRRAP!!!
by BauersEvolTwin May 19, 2009
quickly owning
brap brap brapppppp
by lil big nut April 04, 2009
White Kids Refer To Them Selves As Whap
WHite And Proud
So Brap
BRown And Proud
Person 1; Urgh Your So White
Person 2; I'm Whap
Person 1; F*** You I'm Brap
by nerdcorekiid November 16, 2008
One who wears Famous star,Skin,Any kind of clothing in that nature.
Probably drives a huge lifted truck, and will be wearing a black famous star shirt, with white sunglasses and a white hat.
He is called a brap because he probably rides a quad or a dirtbike, and those machines make this noise.
Hey look at that brap driving that huge lifted truck, whith ihis white sunglasses and white hat! Hes a brrrraaaaaappppp!!!

by Matteo the Freiking great October 12, 2007

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