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Used by aus arabs, esp lebs, to mean Good, Awesome, Crazy, fully sick
Bro moy cuzzin haz a RX3 wiv 26B and NOS it duz SEVENZ I swear to gaawwd it iz HEKTIK bro!
by sideways April 28, 2004
Alternatively, just public housing itself.
Nah man, I wouldn't live in Malabar, it's dodgy, full of houso ay.
by sideways April 28, 2004
Short for commodore, commonwhore, a pos Australian mass-market family car with 80yo technology. Vehicle of choice for bogans (esp with V8) and company car fleets. See falcodore.
I had some tryhard in a commo wanting to drag me at the lights.... again...
by sideways April 28, 2004
General term for aust pos family cars, falcons and commodores usually driven with the mistaken belief that they are somehow performance vehicles.
Since I bought the rotor, every tool in a falcodore wants to try it on.
by sideways April 28, 2004
Old school car dumped on its arse with whitewalls, pinstriping and a bit of bling and generally looking pimpin' yo. Built for cruising/prowling. Fine for old schoolers, rice if it's done to new cars because they will always look retarded with whitewalls and bling.
Check out the bagged merc bro... haha ghetto sled!
by sideways January 24, 2005
Any Wankel rotary-powered mazda in Aus or New Zealand (or other car retrofitted with rotary engine) R100, RX-2/3/4/5/7/8. The greatest form of transport ever. Rotang is NZ term.
"Wanna catch up? Buy a rotary!"
"Dat rota iz full sick Habibs!"
by sideways April 28, 2004
Tradie slang for bottlo
Grab us a longie from the pie shop
by sideways April 28, 2004
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