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"So what time does the 11:35 train get here?"
"Wow you have a brain!"
by MollyRose August 27, 2013
1) An intricately organized bundle of organic cables (axons) and processors (cell bodies) encased within the skull. It is responsible for all human thought and cognition.

2) A fatty piece of meat lodged in your head that, in males, is often in direct competition with the BALLS. (For most, the balls win). Also the most popular food item for zombies and Star Jones.
1) The nerdy, sex-deprived scientist opened up his lab supervisor's skull and was about to examine the guy's BRAIN, when he started to get really hungry, and then deduced logically that he was indeed a zombie.

2) Jimmy was contemplating whether or not to thrust his schlong into his girlfriend's pooper, when it suddenly became clear that his BRAIN was losing the contest to his balls.
by OpposingForks February 16, 2011
It's what Zombies eat. They like brains.
...Brains? ..braaaiinss...
by Carraaaannn802 February 01, 2011
The thing that controls you and has a mind of its own (no pun intended). It can mess with you and just make you say dumb things in front of hot girls.
Jim: Hey wassup pretty gal.
Hot girl: What?!
Jim: Dammit my stupid brain...
by hotgirlladykiller2 August 12, 2012
A party animal who does nothing but drink and bet. A slob to society and tends to own a shit car.Likes no-one more than himself, however girls that follow the name of Hayley are the only kind of girl brain would go for. his fashion sense is always the same with jeans hoodie, and one pair of shoes that goes with anything. Usually gay. Or sometimes a bisexual.
by johhggny john October 24, 2011
Another term used to define Oral Sex..
origin: A kid who one day got his girlfriend to give him head in the back of the library..
Student 1: Dude I got Brains yesterday from you know who..
Student 2: No way... where?
Student 1: The back of the College Library...
Student 2: (o_O) how Ironic...
by twavis February 21, 2010
To throw an object, usually a rock or coke can, at someone's head.
I wasn't bothered about getting up to nudge him awake, so I hefted a rock and brained him.
by Monk of War May 30, 2005