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A joint (marijuana cigarette)sometimes rolled with half weed, half tobaco, or sprinkled along the bud.
Smoke a big spliff with some good sensimillia
by J-Dawg November 07, 2003
When u grab your sack and squeeze forcing your balls to go tight against the skin, causeing THE BRAIN!!!
by J-dawg January 01, 2005
an eight inch clitoris that goes fagobble gobble in the wind
fagobble gobble went the clitoris as martina rode her bike
by J-dawg June 02, 2003
Abbreviation for Washington University in St. Louis, 9th ranked school in the country. Nobody has heard of it.
-Yo, wustl fuckin' waitlisted me, man.
-It's because you say "yo". And you don't pop your collar.
by j-dawg April 19, 2004
(n)- Cinnamon schnapps liqueur (40%) with gold flakes. Rapid consumption results in inebriation and eventual disorientation which eventually leads to unconsciousness. Upon consciousness, causes one to realize they are in someone else's bed in A/B with their pants 1/2 off. At this point, friends help one up and one proceeds with puking. Then there is more disorientation, eventually leading to another state of unconsciousness. Later the next morning, it is realized that stolen furniture polish was thrown out one's window.
J-Dawg, you drinking Goldschlager?
by J-Dawg January 28, 2004
Curdled duck butter.
When I went down on my bitch, i noticed the build-up of beaver cheese all up in her shit! Damn woman, clean up your butter!
by J-Dawg March 15, 2004
'Poos on toast with a cherry on top'
This term was founded by the famous russion communist, Vadim Pavlov.
"Hey Jared, You want some of my Potwacot? The Poo came straight from my towels that the robbers left when they broke into my house."

"Uhh.. I'll pass dude."
by J-Dawg March 23, 2005

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