To give head, aka as a blow job
In T.I.'s song Whatever You Like: Brain so good i swore you went to college
by Big Envy November 03, 2008
A term for methamphetamine used by the particularly addicted and strung out when seeking their next fix. Mostly used by those addicts that are so far along they are missing several teeth, have a pale complexion, are covered in sores and lack sufficient cognitive ability to think about much else than getting more to feed their hunger.
Strung out meth addict: Brains!

Sane person: You are likely to find more fulfillment by seeking out other...

Strung out meth addict: BRAINS!!!!!
by l0ner September 15, 2011
an exclamation loudly expressed while one plays shooting videogames and deals a headshot to another player.
*player one shoots player two in the head and kills him*

by excel excel excel March 11, 2009
when one puts their two fists together, forming something resembling a brain and then proceeds to insert said brain into an orifice (i.e. vagina, anus, nose, mouth. basically it is fisting x2
dude, she's so gaped i brained her last night, it was absolutely disgusting
by Terabad February 07, 2009
A part of the body we rely on for all feelings and emotions, knowledge and wisdom - and incidentally running the physical side of ourselves so we can enjoy wonderful things such as SEX!!
Her brain surgery was successful.
by The Mamma with the Quan November 15, 2007
To brain someone is to club them in the head with something, possibly until you see brain leaking out.
That was so sweet when she brained that guy with a brick.
by shellita November 02, 2006
1. referring to the act of giving "head"

2. also referring to an attractive woman, or one who you'd like to receive brain from.
"Yo Ant, your sister totally gave me some steaming hot brain last night."

"Daaaaamn, that female is quite brain, and I do believe I would enjoy sticking my penis within her speaking hole."
by Rob Engle August 28, 2005

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