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When a man stretches his nut sack over a girl or guys face and suffocates them with the ball skin as part of a sexual act. The face pushed through the thin skin resembles the featureless face of a burn victim. Also known as the "skin graft." Created and coined in philadelphia PA.
I'm gonna burn victim this bitch tonight!
Cindy? Yea she's a freak, and a vetran burn victim.
#burn victim #burn #nut #nuts #ball #balls #ball sack #autoerotic asphyxiation #erotic asphxiation #suffocation #suffocate #scrotum #scrote
by Chris Wiesler January 28, 2008
Someone who always wears clothes that cover the majority of their body.
You'll never catch him without a sweater or wearing a pair of shorts. The guy is a burn victim.
#overdressed #anti-social behavior #clothing #low self-esteem #psoriasis
by Patchorolius March 05, 2009
The term used to describe someone who has been sick burned repeatedly, and often by different people, in a short space of time.

Usually this occurs if the person is question is a jerkass and probably had it coming. Often devestating to their ego.
Josh: Yo, did you see what happened to Julie the other night? She got verbally slammed so many times she's practically a burn victim!

Al: Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. She needs to be cut down to size.
#burn #burned #sick burn #insult #abuse #ego
by zekepliskin December 07, 2009
1. The member in a group of friends that has made the "healthy choice" and decided not to smoke and/or drink. This decision leads to him/her not having fun and having to deal with everyone elses shit
1. ben- "what do you mean! dude you havta smoke this dont wanna be the burn victim do you?" Lee- "oh damn...pass that shit!!!"
#burn victim #burn victem #outsider #loser #wack-bull
by Benny Beeeee November 22, 2007
referal to someone who smokes large amounts of marijuana and lacks intelligence because of it. also see burnout
you don't remeber your girlfriend birthday chase, your sucha fucking burn victim!
by Chappy August 04, 2004
a black person who acts like they're white
that boy plays hockey and wears gap clothes, he a burn victim!
by that guy February 15, 2004
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