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Reflectors are loyal followers and fans of the band Jerry Garcia tribute band 'Reflections'. Reflectors tend to be loud, crazy, drunk, hooded, sweaty, and have some awesome dance moves. They can often be found on the floor drunk, at the bar making noise, outside smoking, inside smoking, or just awe-struck drooling at the band's magnificence. KOO KOO CA CHOO!
Did you go to Mexicali last night? The band was great but those reflectors are so sweaty!
by bertha22 February 07, 2011
A shiny red or yellow light that reflects off of a peice of plastic? (magical material) that helps cars and or pedestrians notice whats up. very helpful to bicyclist and one hell of an invention. props to the brilliant inventer. :]
Dude thank god we have reflectors on our bikes. That car totally would have not seen us. We coulda ate sh!t.
by Olga&Kristine June 23, 2008
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