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Another name for "Urban Dictionary Online.
Yo sup bra, gonna look me up some shiznit inna wiggapedia ya feel me happnin yet hey.
by CarminaPiranha March 01, 2011
1. Someone that uses their hands a lot when they tell a story.

2. Someone that throws their hands forward when they want to accent a word in a sentence.

3. Someone who constantly punctuates using their hands/fingers when they talk.
Person 1 observing- Check out the brailerina over there.
Person 2 observing- I know, thought he was going to slap someone but hes just throwin' brail around talkin' shit.

Brailerina- Yo! (Throws hands forward) I Just (throws hands forward) Want (Throws hands forward) to Get (Throws hands forward) Laid! (Throws hands forward).
by CarminaPiranha March 01, 2011
Using words that you've found in the Urban Dictionary to impress your friends.
Guess he's getting ready to reurbanate a sentence or something, looks like he's thinking...next thing you know he'll be throwin' brail out at us.
by CarminaPiranha March 01, 2011
Mysterious hand gesture that looks like a gang sign gone wrong.
That kid ain't no gangsta, hes just throwin' brail around to look cool.
by CarminaPiranha March 01, 2011

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