A word used as a curse, often in place of 'shit', 'damn', and, most commonly, 'fuck'.

Often used or referred to by those who are entertained by the play on logic of the 'Engrish' phenomenon.

The word is derived from the Engrish interpretation of 'black'; possibly started with 'black' mispelled on a condom package as seen on Engrish.com.
John: Brack! I lost!
by Daniel Tran May 08, 2006
Top Definition
how chinese people say "black"
Thats a nice brack car
by bernzzz May 11, 2011
word used by bloods. c replaced by b. CRACK=BRACK
crip: wuts crackin cuh.?
blood: nah blood its wuts brackin.
by grr. March 26, 2008
shorter version of "brackin" meaning something that is good or great. Coined in the San Diego area.
Whats bracks? -(whats good?)

Damn this buritto is Bracks.

Sally is the brackinist girl yo.
by Dj audioscienz September 14, 2006

Something which is filthy, dirty, or revolting. Usually a liquid or sludge.
"Don't drink the coffee. It's complete brack."
by Erohiel July 07, 2012
British slang for cunt often used by men or dykes usually with a sarcastic or comical twist.
Can I shove a Coke up your brack. Pop your cherry, cherry Coke eh.
by talking cleavage January 21, 2007
to hit or fuck up someone
"Imma brack that bitch once I see him"
by wtfdoepseudonymmean September 10, 2012
this is person whos skin tone is a mixture of blacks and browns
john is a brackman
by hazzerrr January 20, 2009
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