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how chinese people say "black"
Thats a nice brack car
by bernzzz May 11, 2011
shorter version of "brackin" meaning something that is good or great. Coined in the San Diego area.
Whats bracks? -(whats good?)

Damn this buritto is Bracks.

Sally is the brackinist girl yo.
by Dj audioscienz September 14, 2006
word used by bloods. c replaced by b. CRACK=BRACK
crip: wuts crackin cuh.?
blood: nah blood its wuts brackin.
by grr. March 26, 2008

Something which is filthy, dirty, or revolting. Usually a liquid or sludge.
"Don't drink the coffee. It's complete brack."
by Erohiel July 07, 2012
to hit or fuck up someone
"Imma brack that bitch once I see him"
by wtfdoepseudonymmean September 10, 2012
the words brown and black put together; black people and hispanics
I can talk however I want because I'm brack.
by chicadicka October 28, 2009
British slang for cunt often used by men or dykes usually with a sarcastic or comical twist.
Can I shove a Coke up your brack. Pop your cherry, cherry Coke eh.
by talking cleavage January 21, 2007