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A slang term whose meaning and implication are similar to 'random', 'pointless', 'shit' (adj.), 'stupid', 'crazy', etc.

Although the word itself has no fully-feesible meaning or definition, it is commonly used in conjunction with other social slang and usually said in an informal context.

The term is usually not associated with direct offense, rather it is most commonly used to describe a past or present event in a loose social environment.
"That is some next shit."

"This assignment is next."

"Some next guy asked me for loose change."
by Daniel Tran May 08, 2006
A word used as a curse, often in place of 'shit', 'damn', and, most commonly, 'fuck'.

Often used or referred to by those who are entertained by the play on logic of the 'Engrish' phenomenon.

The word is derived from the Engrish interpretation of 'black'; possibly started with 'black' mispelled on a condom package as seen on Engrish.com.
John: Brack! I lost!
by Daniel Tran May 08, 2006

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