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To get high on speed/meth
Scott: What do you want to do
B-Dogg: Let's get bunsted!
Later at Mike D's pad...
MIke D: Damn, you fools are bunsted.
by BDogg4Twizzle June 05, 2009
Place I used to work. The pay is great and I got to have free lunch/dinner (I was supposed to pay though).
Melanie: Hey B-Dogg, where do you work?
BDogg: I work at Wienerschnitzel
Melanie: ooh, What are you doing tonight?
by BDogg4Twizzle June 04, 2009
The real definition is "to have sex with".
Mike D: damn, Erica's mom is fine.
Me: Yeah, I'd brack.
by BDogg4Twizzle June 05, 2009
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