Metal brackets on each tooth which where hand made by gets stuck in the brackets and when u try to get them out with your tounge it looks wierd to other people and it cuts your tounge more than a knife can
Guy 1: hey i just got braces

Guy 2: Sweet how long will you have them on for

Guy 1: o for the rest of highschool

Guy 2: o thts cool just 2 more weeks

Guy 1: im a freshman

Guy 2: your fucked
by Pitbull3291 August 04, 2006
Hitler's last Vengance weapon, codenamed Kindzahnfolterung or Child Teeth Torture. He sent Himmler, Head of the SS to an underground lab to design them. Then plans were shipped to America where spies got them patented. Hitler also designed pallet expanders and another, much worse device... Thankfully, American Troops stopped the production of this last torture....
Hitler: Ach! Himmler! Ve need to make a vengance veapon to kill ze children of ze Worlt. Or At Least hurt them...
Himmler: Brillant Mein Fuhere! We will call them braces!
by Bracecase January 13, 2007
metal train tracks used to make teeth straight so you dont end up looking like your british.
She calls them "braces", I call them "double decker pecker wreckers."
by knucklehead April 10, 2005
Metal brackets hand made by demons and certified by satan himself. Satan assigns certain demons called orthodontists to place these torture devices onto unsuspecting good hearted peaple of planet earth. The metal brackets are used to hold a special bars or wires that go accross the teeth. It's litterally like being place behind bars, imprisoned in a paranoid state of pain and discomfort. I'd rather be placed behind bars in a state penitentiary than placed behind bars by an orthodontist. what a waste of money and time. I've been in braces for over 3 years now and had oral jaw surgery and it's destroyed my life. I cant talk, eat or do anything with my life I'm seriously thinking about killing myself.
Braces are worse than getting your guts pulled out and served to starving children while you watch.
by Adam1 October 12, 2006
Devices of hell used by orthodontists claiming they will make you look "beautiful"
Friend 1:Hey I'm getting braces!
Friend 2:Oh Lord Help Us!
Friend 1: Wha...
by ninjaskwarrior November 16, 2005
1. train tracks put on your teeth to make them straight by evil orthodontists who have no life and love to torture people.(see evil,satan,crap,unjust,cruel,wrong)
owWww god damn it i hate braces its like a living hell
by kr1shii June 04, 2005
Thin suspenders worn by Skinheads and punks alike. Also can simply mean suspenders.
You can tell that guy's a freshcut, his braces are thickey than his skull!
by SkinheadMBTA October 19, 2003
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