Braces are SO in fashion! It just shows that you're rich... and uh yeah it makes your teeth look good after you've got them off.
Hey!! Angelina Jolie had braces! Now I know why she is so hot.
by Reyanna June 18, 2006
a way for orthodontists to torture little children. they say that it will only be 2 years at the MAXIMUM, but really, they are just lying & you will have braces for 4+ years. If you are told you need braces, you may as well kill yourself now.
Bro #1: "OH. MY. GAWD. I was told I had to get braces."
Bro #2: "Woah bro, I'd just go ahead and kill yourself then go through all that torture."
by ihateorthodontists October 03, 2011
The most horrifying thing to have in your mouth (other than headgear). They stretch all across every single one of your teeth and they hurt very badly when tightened by the orthodontist. It's like if you put a magnet even near your mouth, it will pull to your teeth because your mouth is filled with metal. And usually people must wear braces for at least 1-2 years. It's terrible. Near the end of your "treatment", you have to wear mini rubber bands inside your mouth and wear them every single second of the day (but take them out when you eat). Ugh. And when all that is finished and they take the braces off, they fit your mouth for two retainers that you have to wear for the REST OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE ON PLANET EARTH!

Nicknames that you can be called with braces:
Jimmy: Hey man!
Doug: Hi.
Jimmy: What's that shiny thing I saw in your mouth?
Doug: ...Braces...
Jimmy: DUDE!
Doug: Yeah...
Doug: Dude??? What the crap???
Jimmy: Braceface braceface braceface braceface!
Doug: Dude, SHUTUP!

(2 weeks later)
Doug: Hey!
Jimmy: Hi...
Doug: Man, did you get braces?
Jimmy: Maybe...
Doug: HA! WHAT NOW???
by theGREATzebrah June 27, 2011
metal wires that straiten your teeth, usually used on tweens and teenagers
My braces hurt!"
by dentalwizard August 09, 2010
Painful shards of concentrated hell cemented to your teeth for an amount of time that is never short enough. They are put there by sadistic psychopaths that enjoy inflicting pain upon others. Even after they are removed, the pain does not stop. It cannot be that easy, as you must wear a retainer for at least an eternity.
by ThisPseudonymIsMine August 26, 2014
Real grillz. Not fake aluminum pieces of shit darkies wear
Sarah decided she didn't want messed up teeth like some inbred, so she got braces AKA real grillz
by pie_fucker October 31, 2009
Hell in your mouth, but makes your teeth straight.
Ugh, my braces really hurt!
Braces stink, but they are so worth the pain.
by The One Who Knows The Truth July 01, 2014
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