An aesthetically based waste of money and life.
They do nothing but harm the wearer and profit the dentist.

Only to be worn by those in desperate need. For example: If your teeth are literally falling out.

If not ignore the supposed "miracle smile" you'll receive.
It's NOT worth it.
Most dentists/orthodontists fail to mention that you will have to wear a retainer for the rest of your tangible existence.

But at least you'll look good, eh?
"Hell I'm Satan, I'll be your orthadontist for the next three years!"

by Bill June 16, 2006
Common identifier on female indicating that she is not legal to have sex with.
Common identifier on male indicating high probability he will not be fucking anyone.
Generally a serious cockblocker.

Nerdy form of fronts or grills.
Defendant: I didn't know she was 16.
Judge: She had on braces for fuck sake.
Defendant: Did you just curse? Does that mean it's a mistrial?
Judge: Fuck no. Your ass is still going to jail.

Teen1: I just got braces.
Teen2: You a gansta now?
Teen1: (Sad Face)No....this means I'm not getting pussy.
by Feckel Matters October 16, 2007
Metal stuff that kills your teeth.
OUCHHHHHH!!! I hate braces!!!
by Anonymous July 22, 2004
Can either be the most beautiful or the ugliest accessory, depending completely on the people who wear it.
I don't mind braces on a hot Asian chick (I love them in fact), but it annoys the hell out of me when I see some pizza-faced geek wearing them.
by Lysergsaure August 23, 2006
A dental applicance worn for 2 - 6 years glued onto your teeth by an orthodontist. Usually associated with more annoying or painful appliances, such as elastics, retainers, etc. You can't eat your favorite foods, they cut your mouth after a while, and hurt when tightened. They are overpriced, and the only advantage is that your teeth are straighter... Until you stop wearing the retainer they give you, which makes you have not straight teeth anymore >:(
Me: Yay I get my braces off today!
Orthodontist: Okay, now you have to wear this retainer all day
Me: God dammit

by FormerWearerOfBraces January 22, 2009
1. Horrible, painful metal contraptions that are placed on your teeth by people with no sense of humor and a love of seeing kids in pain (called "orthodontists").

2. A combination of metal wires, brackets and teeny rubber bands that sap you of the ability to talk normally, eat candy, get a date, and wake up without a checker pattern etched into your gums.

3. A device placed on the teeth that leaves you crying every 6 weeks as you leave the orthodontist because they say you won't get them off for another few months (yet, you're still "almost there!")
I'd offer you some of this/these super good popcorn/pretzels/caramel/toffee/taffy/gum/gummy worms, but you have braces...

Yeah, she's kinda hot, but look at those braces...

Now I know you thought you'd get your braces off this time, but we still need a little more time....yes, I know it's been 4 years, but you're "almost there"!
by hatemaheffinbraces December 28, 2009
Those metal wires on your teeth that can make you or break you, depending on your personality. They seem to be more acceptable now, if not popular. The most common color is black.
I wish I still had my braces.

Braces are fucking sexy, I don't care what people say.
by we found a problem October 28, 2007

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