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There is one meaning of this word, that is "Dumbass." So if anyone calls you a br, be offended.
Br: Br?
Random_noob: YOU ARE OMFG
by Snat April 07, 2005
This is a short greeting used by many people. You may hear it other than Sup.
Br1: Aew mens, brasuka!
Br2: Aew?
by Snat April 07, 2005
A place for noobs to relax and trade/transfer items.
I am going to make the server shore sand.
by Snat April 07, 2005
Often known as sure. This word was created by an unknown loser who prefers to be called R-izzle
R*man: shore!
Me: suft loser
by Snat April 07, 2005
True love Roommates
Who else besides my Troomie would tell me these socks look awful with this outfit or listen to me complain about how dumb boys are all the time?
by snat April 25, 2015
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