utter coolness experssed by something with sheer awesomeness.
That is so boz.
by Chris Dennen October 24, 2003
Armenian for 'bitch.' It is a very disrespectful name to call somebody.
Toon boz es, meaning 'you are a bitch'
by imadinosaur12 May 26, 2009
To work out too hard at the gym, causing a person to throw up on the workout floor(or up a wall).
Oh man I totally pulled a boz at the gym today. I was running real strong and then it just hit me... It was bad, chunks everywhere!
by kungpowking February 08, 2013
Big penis, ladies man, muscular, handsome, good in bed, very clever, smart, good dancer, awsome, awesome'er than Charmicheal, definition of Sex.
Oh my god i just slept with my boyfriend, and he was allmost like Boz ! - I am Boz to dance - I am Boz with ladies.
by Ahmed can September 24, 2010
noun (boz)

1. a colloquial abbreviation for bother

ca. 2002 - shortening of bother --> boz
What's your boz? Commonly used with jobjob e.g.
What's your boz, jobjob?


Don't boz me man, I'm busy.
by Aeros2 February 28, 2012
A penis that is short and fat yet lovable.
"Yo, flop your boz on that puss"

"Lets Boz"
by Bozniche May 06, 2005
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