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eastern Armenian way of saying dude
ara, es ov a?! = Dude, who is this?!
by Pablo Picasso June 29, 2003
-a man who uses the word "aka" as a form of expression for any situation.
-also, a big fan of the phrase "no damn ____"

G:They ran out of Game blunts.

Aras: No damn myspace!!
by hyedj September 08, 2006
1. Crazy, _____ boy (Where the blank may change to describe the current Aras in a non-insulting matter)
2. One who is very curious or inquisitive (See also Inquisitor)
3. One who does not use logic
Oxymoron: Logical Aras
by JAM November 08, 2004
aras is sara spelled backwards. also can be a great nickname for someone named sara. this is great because people can pronounce it like herass and the person that made it up can say ass with out getting in trouble. ha ha very funny.

jackson: hey sara did you know that ur name backwards is aras?

sara: oh thats nice.

shane: so how you doin herass! herass herass herass!!!

sara:i will kill you!
by sara (duh) September 29, 2007
A word used by almost every single armenian male and sometimes even rabiz females. It can mean alot of things ranging from "hey" or "hi" to "oh shit"
Gevo: Ara Davo

Davo: Ha axper inch ka

Gevo: Hech apeh papiroz unes

Davo: Araaaaa!!! mere kunem ara moratsa berem
by Rabizgevo818 May 12, 2010
1.An anoying person.
2.The g-spot.
3.Another word for c**t, f**ker/hooker
Just a rude word!!!!!!!!!!!
you are an aras all the time and you don't care if you give me a blow or if i bum you you just want me bum naked so i can make you a cum-bag.
The sexiest word ever created by an honorary Panda. Can be used as a noun or an adjective. Can describe anything and everything. Often is pronounced well with a sigh.
Inch anenk? Ara.... idk. Lets go to Cafe O? No man, that place is for ara's.
by Sexotpanda May 08, 2013
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