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The bong.
"Yo, pass me the Bozza."
by Diego September 15, 2003
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abbreviation of boring
School was so bozza today!
by bozzman November 21, 2009
1. Former Australian goalkeeper and now Fox Sports commentator Mark Bosnich.
2. slang for bog, which is slang for taking a crap, which is slang for defecating.
Co-commentator: That first goal, a complete howler, wasn't it. Bozza?
Bozza: Don't mind if I do! (drops pants)
Co-commentator: Oh Mark, not in the studio!
(Bozza laughs)
by thecupv1 September 24, 2010
Fat, ugly women that act like blokes.
"Eww, your missus is such a bozza!"
by A Bozza April 21, 2009
borrow : like with 'in a bizzle' a 'zz' is added.
'can i bozza your dress?'
'yeah sure, i'll give you it in a bizzle'
by baaabbeey. May 12, 2010

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