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short for boyfriend, way better than the abbreviation b.f.
My new boyf is totally hot!
by Abatron August 19, 2004
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acronym. stands for balls on your face
dude that movie was totally BOYF
by schoetime February 27, 2008
Function: abbreviation, chiefly vulgar

1. Balls on your face, a dismissive response to a lengthy, emotional and sincere inquiry used to indicate that the person issuing the statement holds the other in complete contempt and would happy smother the other with his ball-bag before bothering to respond in a polite and civilized manner

2. Balls on your face, the act of putting ones balls on your face
"I just want to let you know that the way you behaved last night really hurt my feelings. I can't believe that you said those things to me after I paid for you to get into the club. And then you just left? I thought we were good friends, but now I'm questioning that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes I want to know what's going through your mind. Have a think about it and get in touch. I don't want this to affect things between us."

"BoYF!, that's balls on your face you turd!"
by Sir. Dr. Mr. Wheatley, Esq. April 19, 2010
what one would call their someone they are dating but not yet in the boyfriend/girlfriend stage. When you have a boyf it is highly recommended that you do not see other people.
Susie: "Hey sweetie how are things with your boyf?"
Melissa "They're good, i really like him. Hopefully soon I'll make him my boyfriend."
by ThePrincess0506 September 28, 2010
Term for somebody who is more than the person you are exclusively hooking up with and/or dating, but not ready to be called a boyfriend.
The boyf and I see each other every day, but we're not ready to be in a full relationship.
by Magsters November 19, 2006
Boy Only You'd Fuck. Acronym used between girls to refer negatively to one another's boyfriends and as an extension one another's bad taste in guys. Similar to MILF.
I can't believe you're going out with Luke. He's such a loser.

Yeah he's a BOYF.
by Chuck Anklefucker January 05, 2010

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