A slang term form the vagina, primarily used by collegiate and professional baseball players. The term was first publicly used in the 2001 movie Summer Catch to describe Jessica Biel "having a nice box." This has led to the general consensus being that the college baseball players on Cape Cod developed the word and it has spread to players elsewhere. Many kangaroo court systems fine players for girls with "hairy or smells boxes."

The tendency of baseball players to eat girls out may have also contributed to the vernacular being closely associated with them - eating out a girl with a nice box is the goal for the night of many a collegiate player.
She has a hot face, but Sam said she has a hairy box.
by Fresh Prince11242 December 26, 2009
You can be a box, have a box, something can be boxy, or you may have boxed something.

When you've done someone bad, or you are ill, or you've had a bad night out. similar to "mare".
ahh mate, last night was bare boxy.

when suffering from a hangover or come down, "mate you're in a box right now"

you are an absolute box.

when failing, "you've boxed it"
by lozzylozzington October 13, 2009
One who engages in thoughtless, sometimes referred to as "stupid" actions or outbursts in speech. One can be classified a "box" if that individual frequently demonstrates careless behaviour and thoughtless releasing of verbal diarrehha, or sentences that have no relevance to a topic. Actions that are inexcusable or demonstrate impotence can be solid judgement in deeming someone a box.
Alex drank a 26 and pissed himself at a formal event, a box indeed.

Jason trying to impress his buddy, drives over a curb and loses 6 points, what a box!
by boxdemona May 22, 2008
Another word for a radio.
Turn on the box I want to hear some music
by AntonK June 30, 2007
container to hold things
The parts came in a pretty box
by Ikester May 06, 2005
Suffix to any swear to make it twice as bad due to making it a personality trait...
"For fucks sake Reynolds you spilt the beer"........"Yeah you twatbox/cuntbox/fuckbox/shitbox"
by BiG G May 23, 2004
short for boom box and or ghetto blaster types of portable stereos.
"my box can make you deaf"
by whymanwhy February 29, 2004

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