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1: A package used to keep things or delivery things through the post in.

2: A way of fighting using the fists. Professional boxing involves two people trying to be the first to knock the other out for a count of ten.

3: A female genetalia. Other slang for female genetalia include halibut, front bottom, pussy, twat, cunt.
Put the items in a box and send it through the post
by Stormsworder March 28, 2007
16 14
A 1977-1990 Chevrolet Impala or Caprice having the square body style. Highly desirable in the Southeast USA. Succeeded by the 1990-1995 bubble.
He's riding big in his Box Chevy whip with the 26 inch hoopties.
by Squareback May 26, 2006
33 31
A slang term form the vagina, primarily used by collegiate and professional baseball players. The term was first publicly used in the 2001 movie Summer Catch to describe Jessica Biel "having a nice box." This has led to the general consensus being that the college baseball players on Cape Cod developed the word and it has spread to players elsewhere. Many kangaroo court systems fine players for girls with "hairy or smells boxes."

The tendency of baseball players to eat girls out may have also contributed to the vernacular being closely associated with them - eating out a girl with a nice box is the goal for the night of many a collegiate player.
She has a hot face, but Sam said she has a hairy box.
by Fresh Prince11242 December 26, 2009
21 20
Slang for a crossfit gym.
I've been to boxes all over the world and this my favorite box.

That box is way too crowded. I'd just as soon go to a globo gym.
by cstrap May 24, 2014
1 1
Of or relating to the female genetalia.
Why that dirty bitch! I'm gonna boot her in the box!
by Tom Thamuz September 01, 2003
20 20
An acoustic bass guitar.
Jeff: Hey, so I heard you got a bass!

Matt: Yeah, it's a box.
by MyRiv January 07, 2012
3 4
Slang for TV in parts of the UK.
dude1: what's on the box?
dude2: dust
by Carnophage December 15, 2004
21 23