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A large, portable, radio cassette player, measuring about 1.5 m wide and 1.0 m high.

It is played especially outdoors, in public places at loud volume; and carried on one shoulder with loudspeakers facing the head.

It is assumed that bypassers share the same musical taste.
Bob passed his time at the bus stop by playing his ghetto blaster.
by Kerb November 27, 2004
An alcoholic drink referenced in Brad Neely's "Professor Brothers" series, presumably composed of whiskey and "LIME" soda, e.g. Sprite.
"It was one of those typical sexy-ass Sunday nights and I was drinking ghetto blasters, alone..."
by Eric Barbaric October 24, 2007
A boombox, a portable stereo system capable of playing radio stations or recorded music at relatively high volume.

Ghettoblaster is a term that can be considered insulting or complimentary depending on the context. The word originated in the US, apparently reflecting the belief that they are popular in poor inner-city neighborhoods (ghettos), especially those populated by black Americans. Ghettoblaster rather than boom box became the common term in the UK and Australia for large portable stereos, perhaps because it carried less meaning.

The term carries a connotation of power and disregard of social rules.

The word is racially inflammatory in some circumstances but has also been embraced as a term of black, urban pride — and, like many such terms, has been adopted by parts of the non-black American community. It is used as the name of at least one magazine and one recording company, and is also a popular stereotype element typically associated with funk, hip-hop and rap, African-American culture, '70s and '80s culture, breakdancing, and even racist jokes.
In the film Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee, a dispute over a ghettoblaster is a central role in the culminating riot.
by Brian Harvey May 26, 2006
buy a 2 liter of sprite, twist up, or 7 up.

empty half of it, refill with whisky.

drink out of the 2 liter bottle.

thats a Ghetto Blaster
lets make some Ghetto Blasters and dance our asses off
by Deuce Machine July 12, 2009
homemade alcoholic beverages, often made of mouthwash
I was getting wasted on ghetto blasters last night
by Jake HHLD January 24, 2008
One who has no regard for others doing loud obnoxious things.
Being loud in public.
Playing loud music on the bus.
Talking on the phone and talking loud for everyone to hear you business

Stop Ghetto-blasting your music.

Loud wanna be ghetto white girls talking in slang Ghetto-Blaster
by Needsomeloven May 06, 2010
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