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4 definitions by sanders

is ones scrotum
must go to the doctor to get this lump checked out on my marble bag
by sanders October 02, 2003
Movie made in the early 1970s.
Featured a tough bushman who wrestled with crocodiles, and starred Paul Hogan.
Much forgotten in today's society, but without it, there would be now Steve Irwin}.
Man, that was one good movie!
by Sanders June 23, 2004
the square kind of shape between a womens legs near her vagina. a good box is one of a woman with thin legs and a good arse as the bx will be more defined from the front and the back as you can see straight thru
look at the box on that, brunnel would of been pleased with that
by sanders October 02, 2003
a womans vagina
hunny i need to shave my wan before i go swimming
by sanders October 02, 2003